Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Art of the Evening 2

We create technology before we have the ability to recognize all it is capable of. Fourteen year old girls are on social networking sites, and their parents don’t know anything about them. It is dangerous. In one famous case, a teenage girl killed herself, because another woman posed as an online boyfriend, and manipulated her feelings. A military weapons manufacturer, IRobot, made a movie by that very same name where the robots get out of control and begin eliminating humans. We have vacuum cleaners that clean the floor for us, and most people prefer speaking through instant messages then on the phone or in person. We are replacing ourselves. It is necessary for us to continue to develop our technology to compete with other countries, but the things that make us human are disappearing. Almost any muscle or limb can be replaced by a mechanical one. The question can be brought up; at what point do we stop all this? At what point is too far? Video games are in development that react to thoughts instead of button-mashing. Nanotechnology is so small the human eye can’t see it. Wars are now fought by much different means, and the cyber-age nuclear weapon is not far from being seen or used. That is what these pictures are about. I think we go too far with our technology. Many live within computers instead of in the real world. People meet in a chat room instead of at the mall.

We are dehumanizing ourselves, and I don’t think the direction we are taking things is a good path to take, although I see that it is unavoidable, because if we don’t, someone else will. It is a troubling paradox, but a very true reality.The first image is the cover for my new solo album; the second is just a sketch I did. Both are my own artwork.

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jason said...

I completely agree with Kyle's take on technology and how it could very well replace us if we arent carefull. Many forms of technology have already taken humans places. Compare assembly line work from pre and post WWII. One reason is that computers dont make mistakes. Or do they? Some say that technology is sometimes a bad thing...and then turn around and want better everything. Be carefull what you wish for. I will leave you with a personal observation that I witness quite often since the evolution of the cell phone. I went to a local pub here in town with my friends to have a few beers and I noticed a couple walk in and start playing a 'bags' (aka cornhole to others). I noticed the two played 2 games without ever speaking to each other, however they both had complete conversation, I am assuming with someone other than the person they were with, via text message. I dont get it.