Thursday, October 2, 2008

An Introduction

My Life. This is definitely a broad subject.

My Work. I'm a psychology major working for Indiana University's Social Psychology of Religion Laboratory. For a couple of years now I've been running experiments with the lab and attending psychology conferences around the nation. This October I'm attending a conference in Louisville, Kentucky. My job pays well and I honestly believe it's the best and most relevant job I could have right now. I thoroughly enjoy it.

My Music. I've been writing and recording music for quite a few years now. In a couple of months my new solo album hits stores. I'm very excited for it. It took me over a year to write and record, so it will be nice to be finished with it and have it out in the hands of fans and other listeners. I'm also involved in some other local projects, which are also doing well in their own ways. Generally I play a progressive mix of experimental and technical death metal. Flamenco and technical death metal have always been my favorite genres of music. I have my own miniature recording studio and recently recorded the EP of a local band. I'm involved in many, many projects in different ways.

My Art. I've been painting for many years, and sketching since before I could walk. I still do a lot of painting, and have pieces up for sale. I also specialize in other mediums, such as photoshop. My abilities are always up for hire, and I'd very much be willing to take new customers!


jason said...

My comment for 'Bob' is what kind of music are you into and what genre of music are you about to drop on your fans? I too am a music connoisseur, well except for hurts to listen to it. I enjoy listening to new bands and enjoy not-so-well known art pieces. You should think of possibly putting samples of these in your blogs.

suz said...

The Social Psychology of Religion Laboratory sounds interesting, what exactly do you do there, how did you get involved, through your major? prob. My friend chris brooks and I recently launched our EP as well, it was called leap year. How did you get your own mini studio, what equipment do you use? I suck at art, so if you have the ability, use it! I like the 'my abilities are always up for hire' plug at the end. sneaky.